Learning How Bats and Humans Need Each Other

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On Thursday, April 18th, 58 humans joined together at the Linden Inn on Big Cedar Lake to find out the ways we benefit from our relationship with Bats and how to strengthen it.

For example, did you know that one little brown bat can catch 1200 bugs in an hour, often two in a single second? Those little brown bats can live up to 34 years, but the White Nose Syndrome is causing unprecedented mortality in cave hibernating bats in the U.S.  Did you also know that bats are important pollinators of agricultural products like cashews, mangos, dates, figs, balsa, agave, and many other plants? Click HERE to read some more bat facts that Master Naturalist Janet Raddatz shared with us.

Thank you to the Mueller’s Linden Inn owners and staff, to Janet and Andrew Raddatz for a delightful and informative presentation, to Mary Beth Carr and the Community Relations committee, and to all the attendees who came to learn about understanding and protecting our Wisconsin bat community!

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