A Gift for Future Generations

Since 1974, the vision of the Cedar Lakes Conservation Foundation (CLCF) has been to sustain the natural beauty, clean water, and biodiversity of the Cedar Lakes region. CLCF has helped to protect 2,962 acres of land.  With a Planned Giving Legacy Gift, you can help to preserve the lakes and lands you love for generations to come.  Please consider becoming part of a very special group of land conservation supporters by making a planned gift to CLCF. By doing so, you will be joining CLCF’s Legacy Circle.

Legacy Circle members will be recognized in listings within CLCF’s reports as well as on our website. If you prefer, you may request to be listed anonymously. As a Legacy Circle member, you will receive invitations to special CLCF events.

Legacy Circle Bequest Challenge – A $20,000 Match

Two generous couples have created a grant of $20,000, of which $1,000 will be added to our operating funds for every new Legacy Circle member. This means your future commitment to saving land can help right now.

How it Works:

The Legacy Circle Bequest Challenge is a campaign that boosts your bequest commitment for the future by helping CLCF earn much-needed challenge grant dollars for use today!

Through the Bequest Challenge, you can maximize the impact of your future bequest and estate plans.

What Gifts Qualify:

Thank you for considering including CLCF in your legacy planning. If you have any additional questions, please call Linda Mutschler at (414) 614-5084 or send an e-mail to lmutschler@theclcf.org.

With a legacy gift, you can help to preserve the lakes and lands you love for generations to come.

Current CLCF Legacy Circle Members

Join these CLCF Legacy Circle Donors!

Anonymous (3)
Gary and Jean Britton
Robert P. and Marie E. Bucholtz Charitable Fund
Mary Beth Carr
Susan Crowley
Teri and Rich Czarnecki
Miriam Dani
Mary and John Emory
Denise Goergen
John and Carol Harmon
Jeff and Bev Kenkel
Ken and Kathy Klein
Linda Mutschler
Chet and Maribeth Nielsen
R.W Phelps
Bruce and Yoke San Reynolds
Emmy and Mike Robertson
Jack and Cindy Rusher
Lori Steinbach
Bob Walter and Maria Banuchi
Al Wisnefske

Smiling couple outside with fall leaves in the background

Supporters, Mary and John Emory, have included CLCF as an IRA beneficiary. According to Mary, “Leaving a percentage of our IRA to CLCF is an easy way to continue our longtime support for this important organization.”

Bev and Jeff Kenkel have also been involved with CLCF for many years with Jeff having served on the Board and as Executive Director following Geoff Maclay’s retirement. Jeff’s parents, John and Jean Schumann, donated conservation easements to CLCF covering 114 acres of land between 2000 and 2007.  Jeff’s grandparents, Morris and Gladys Rosenheimer, bought several acres of land adjacent to their home on Big Cedar Lake which was donated to CLCF in 1991. Bev and Jeff are continuing the family conservation legacy by designating CLCF as a beneficiary of their trust.

Kathy and Ken Klein moved to Big Cedar Lake in 1987. Shortly after moving to the lake, someone invited them to plant trees along HWY 144 and NN. Little did the Kleins know how important CLCF would become in their lives. Ken and Kathy both grew up hiking, skiing, fishing, and boating in the Cedar Lakes region. Their children had some of their most meaningful friendships and adventures on the water of Big Cedar Lake and the trails of CLCF’s preserves. Kathy and Ken simply want the same for their grandchildren and great-grandchildren (when they arrive!). When considering becoming a Legacy Circle Member, it was an easy and natural decision for both. Kathy and Ken have designated a portion of their IRA to CLCF. Kathy stated, “We know that CLCF’s conservation efforts are working, as we often see the soaring eagles that nest at Timmer’s and the bats that have returned to our yard after a long absence. We look forward to building more family memories in this nature rich community.”

Denise Goergen started volunteering at CLCF to help protect the beauty and rural heritage of the Cedar Lakes region for future generations. As CLCF’s former Board President and current Board member, Denise believes participating in CLCF’s Legacy Circle is a good way to plan today in order to give tomorrow. Denise has designated CLCF as a beneficiary of her 401(k) plan. 

Teri and Rich Czarnecki have been supporters of CLCF since 2001. At that time, they began their history of volunteering to help establish the newly planted Klingler Prairie at the Fox Hill Nature Preserve by doing monthly maintenance. Their dedication to stewardship has continued through annual contributions to CLCF and active support of Stew Crew events focused on regular maintenance of CLCF’s properties. According to Rich, “Our support of and recreation on CLCF properties over the years led us to reflect on how much we have enjoyed the natural areas around Big Cedar Lake and how we could assist in conserving them for future generations. One way we felt we could ensure the legacy of these lands and waterways was to list CLCF as a beneficiary in our trust.”